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We like extraordinary designs and products, we should be different.

aluxecase focuses on designing and selling the best luxury iphone case, airpods caset and watch band, so that every young person is fashionable enough!


Do what we want most

Are you really tired of all kinds of regular iPhone cases? They are too low-grade! We need something different!
Come on baby, let's design our own, produce in small batches and sell online. 
Let us enjoy different surprises every day!
This is what we want!

aluxecase case is your choice

aluxecase case is an online luxury iphone case retail and design based in the heart of hongkong, Hongkong is fast-paced, forward-thinking, and art-centered at its core, so our case are designed and curated with these ideals in mind.

aluxecase case is your one-stop-shop for interesting products inspired by the latest fashions with that hongkong spunk. We offer extraordinary iPhone cases, watch band and airpods cases for young fashionistas around the world. For those who like fashion trends, aluxecase case is your best choice!

Premium design, high-end quality

aluxecase mobile phone cases and accessories designed with Apple's aesthetic in mind, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, enjoy our exceptional luxury iPhone cases. Made from high-quality materials and luxurious designs, our wide range of cases are designed to blend seamlessly into and complement your everyday life.

We strive to design products that are not only functional, but coveted! If you are looking for generic regular iPhone cases or accessories, we are not for you. We only design and sell unusual and interesting cases!

From design creation to sales

We strive to bring customers unique and interesting products that reflect trends before they happen, from design concept to our shop, from our headquarters to our customers doorstep. We aim to inspire the next generation of young style-istas to be the best version of themselves, and to be confident in everything they do with or without a aluxecase in hand.

Global Coverage

We began with a distribution warehouse in hong kong, China and now aluxecase™ reaches almost every corner of the world. We have expanded our distribution via Amazon to US, EU and Japan.

We also have international distributors and partners across the globe. We send thousands of orders to every fan in the world every day. let's start!